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I woke up missing you.


the most accurate picture of the retail industry 

Why is it so hard to let go of the things that are clearly destroying us? Why hang on to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve us?

Because we would rather hold on a little longer than face the pain of letting go. We would rather suck it up and tell ourselves repeatedly that we’re “okay” than even face the idea of change. The idea of never seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting what has us so wrapped around its finger.
Although we know if we let go, it’ll be for the better, and yet, we still settle for less.


And when you lose her
because you were the one
who stopped searching for her
in the first place, don’t expect
her to one day follow the path
back to your arms.
She’s looking for something too.
So don’t be surprised
when she finds someone
who will never lose her
from their sight.
She has always been looking
for a place to call home,
and she has always wanted
the light in someones eyes
to help guide her there.


is everything expensive or am i just poor

Your heart is as black as night 🌛🌃

Your heart is as black as night 🌛🌃


Stop measuring your
self-worth by the amount
of times that others hands
have met your skin with
hopes that maybe it will
go further than just lips
against lips. You are more
than lust, more than the
desire to explore a body
that someone has yet to
become familiar with.
Everything that…